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      GREEN Foundation participated in the Annual Urban Krishi Mela held by University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore(UAS-B) at GKVK Campus, Bangalore from November 19th to 21st. The Mela exhibited different varieties of food grains like Ragi, Paddy, Field Beans, Cow pea,...
      The Savyava Bhagya Yojane(Organic Village Program) was initiated in 5 villages of Kanakapura during the beginning of this year in collaboration with the Karnataka State Agriculture Department. Janadhanya Farmers Federation supplied the seeds for this cropping season and field...
Organic inputs are an integral part of sustainable agriculture and alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides playing an active role in the act of eco-intensification. A fertile soil should have the right porosity, water holding capacity and organic matter in addition to containing all the...


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GREEN Foundation works toward a well-preserved, diverse ecosystem that will sustain the rual livelihoods of the present generation without eroding the resource base of the future.

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The economics of organic farming
Like many farmers in and around Kanakapura Taluk near Bangalore city, Shivrudraiah says he was initially skeptical of organic practices and sustainable agriculture when he heard of them through GREEN. What he did know for sure, is that chemicals had degraded his land, reducing yields drastically.

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